The more you see the better you look


Eyes are the mirror of the soul. Your looks show who you really are. At Azami we are passionate about finding glasses that perfectly reflect your personality and make you look out into the world with radiance. Our frames are not just fashionable, they are custom made or selected to accentuate the contours of your face to perfection with designs that powerfully express inner and outer beauty. At Azami, we go the extra mile. We are sincerely interested in who you are and what drives you, the better to meaningfully contribute to the story your eyes tell – challenging you to express yourself as radiantly as possible.

The Azami team
All the way from Groningen with her beautiful Cutler and Cross!Look at her beautiful smile wearing an Oliver Peoples!Look at our teacher who’s teaching arts and en art history.Wearing het beautiful Michel Henau!Wow what a stunning look for a creative person! We love it !

What we see depends mainly on what we look for

The Collection

In putting together the collection, Azami looks for timeless beauty and pure quality. You will not find brands that follow the latest craze. Instead, you will encounter a broad selection of European, USA and Japanese eyewear designed with passion and attention to detail. Azami offers a wide range of choices in materials, shapes, colours, styles and prices — from special brands and exclusive materials to our own collection, and custom designs. Besides quality and design, service, comfort, exclusivity, our collection is defined by durability and ethical production methods. This wide range of possibilities enables us to offer each unique client the right eyewear.

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